Engaged Staffer E-commerce services offer specific business functions and processes within the e-commerce industry. Our services aim to streamline E-commerce operations, enhance customer experience, and improve our client’s overall efficiency for e-commerce businesses.

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Customer Support

We offer customer support services, handling customer inquiries, order tracking, returns, and exchanges. This includes providing assistance via multiple channels such as phone, email, chat, and social media, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of customer issues.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

We offer order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment services. BPO providers manage the entire order cycle, from order placement to shipment tracking and delivery, ensuring accurate and timely order processing and efficient inventory management.

Product Content Management

We assist with product content management, including product information creation, content updates, and catalog management. This involves writing product descriptions, optimizing product images, and ensuring accurate and consistent product information across various platforms.

Payment Processing

We assist on payment processing and fraud detection. We handle payment transactions, including credit card processing, payment gateway management, and fraud prevention measures to ensure secure and seamless payment experiences for customers.

Returns and Refunds Management

We handle returns and refunds management, managing the entire process from return authorization to refund processing. This includes verifying return eligibility, coordinating reverse logistics, and issuing refunds according to established policies.

Product Analytics and Insights

We have data analytics and reporting, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory management. Engaged Staffer analyze data to identify patterns, optimize pricing strategies, and support decision-making for retail and e-commerce businesses.

Marketplace Management

We assist in managing online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Tiktok and other third-party platforms. This includes listing products, optimizing product visibility, monitoring pricing and competitor activities, and handling customer interactions on these platforms.

Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Services

We offer chatbot and virtual assistant services, enabling automated customer interactions and support. These services utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to handle common inquiries, provide product recommendations, and assist customers in real-time.

Back-Office Operations

We encompass back-office operations, including data entry, order reconciliation, inventory management, and invoice processing. We help streamline administrative tasks, reduce errors, and improve overall operational efficiency.

With Engaged Staffer, retail and e-commerce businesses can optimize their operations, deliver exceptional customer experiences, scale efficiently, and focus on strategic initiatives to drive growth in the competitive landscape of the industry.

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