Accounting & Bookkeeping

Engaged Staffer enables Businesses to delegate non-core functions such as accounting, payroll, and compliance to specialized service providers, leveraging their expertise and economies of scale. By doing so, financial companies can streamline processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and allocate resources towards strategic activities like risk management, investment analysis, and client relationship management, ultimately driving overall growth and profitability.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Engaged Staffer offer accounting and bookkeeping services, including recording financial transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, preparing financial statements, and reconciling bank statements.

Payroll Processing

Our engaged staff can assist in managing payroll processes, including salary calculation, tax deductions, benefits administration, and generating payroll reports.

Financial Analysis

We offer financial analysis services, such as ratio analysis, trend analysis, and financial forecasting, to help companies make informed decisions and assess their financial performance.

Tax Preparation and Compliance

Our services include tax preparation, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, filing tax returns, and staying updated with changes in tax laws.

Accounts Management

Your engaged staff will handle accounts receivable and accounts payable functions, including issuing invoices, processing payments, managing collections, and reconciling vendor statements.

Financial Reporting

Your engaged staff companies assist in generating financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and customized reports as per the client's requirements.

Financial Planning

Our services include financial planning and analysis, helping businesses create budgets, perform variance analysis, and develop strategies for growth and profitability.

Risk Management

We offer risk management services, which involve identifying potential risks, implementing risk mitigation strategies, and monitoring risk exposure.

Compliance Support

We help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements and compliance standards specific to the finance industry, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Offshore Outsourcing

Why In The Philippines

One key advantage is the substantial cost savings that can be achieved. The Philippines offers a highly skilled and educated workforce at a significantly lower cost compared to many developed countries. The Philippines boasts a large talent pool of accountants and bookkeepers who have received comprehensive education and training in finance and accounting. Many Filipino professionals hold relevant certifications and are well-versed in international accounting standards. Their expertise spans various areas, including financial reporting, tax compliance, budgeting, and auditing.

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We are always updated with finance industry trends, best practices, and advancements to enhance knowledge and skills

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Engaged Staffer is responsible for efficiently executing you’re various tasks and processes while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism.


Perform assigned tasks and processes with precision and adherence to established procedures.

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Our team collaborate to ensure efficient workflow and timely completion of deliverables.

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We conduct regular quality checks to identify and resolve errors or discrepancies promptly.

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